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Kwicksilver is your one-stop wheel repair shop serving Alvord, TX.  We offer various services, including rim repair, wheel polishing, wheel straightening, wheel powder coating, and wheel machining. Don’t spend thousands on brand new tires when a simple repair will do.

Expert Wheel Machining Alvord Residents Trust

Our rim repair service uses a patented straightening device and highly specialized wheel straightening machinery to bring the damaged area back to the original manufacturers’ specifications. Through our rim repair services, we offer a top-rated wheel straightening package. Our wheel straightening package uses patented technology to find the exact location and severity of the bend in your rim and bring the damaged area back to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our customers in Alvord, TX love our rim repair and wheel straightening service because no job is too small or too large. Our rim repair and wheel straightening service work on any rim, including steel, aluminum, and chrome rims. Our Kwicksilver technicians are standing by to assist customers in Alvord, TX, with all their rim repair needs.

Don’t need a rim repair or wheel straightening service? Try our cosmetic wheel repair and polishing service. Our wheel polishing solution makes your rim shine. Your rim will look like the day it came off the assembly line. We use a combination of reconditioning tools, proprietary paints, and clear coat processes to bring back your wheel’s shiny finish. Our wheel polishing service can remove curb rash, scrapes, gouges, and discoloration—our experienced wheel polishing team matches any finish, including polished aluminum wheels.

wheel powder coating Alvord

We Also Offer Wheel Powder Coating and Wheel Straightening in Alvord

Do you have a wheel with a machined finish? Not to worry, our Alvord, TX customers can take advantage of our wheel machining technology to repair or revitalize the finish on machine-finished wheels to or better than the original manufacturer’s specifications. Our wheel machining service is the best wheel machining service available in Alvord, TX.  Let’s get you back on the road in time for summer road trips and adventures.

Now available to our Alvord, TX customers is our powder coating service. The powder coating service is customizable to your tastes and style. It comes in a wide range of colors and finishes and is highly durable and long-lasting. Our powder coating technicians utilize an electrostatic gun and powerful electrostatic charge to apply the powder coating to your rim.

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Kwicksilver serves customers in Alvord, TX. Alvord, once known as Nina, is located near the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Alvord is a small community with 1,334 residents. Its most notable resident was Texas Railroad Commissioner Ernest O. Thompson. Thompson served as mayor of Amarillo; he was born in Alvord in 1892.

Look no further than Kwicksilver for all your rim repair, rim straightening, wheel polishing, and wheel machining service needs. We are top-rated, community-trusted wheel repair professionals. If you are in or around the Alvord, TX area, call us today, and we will take care of all your rim and wheel needs. We service all types of wheels and rims from domestic to luxury vehicles; we are the one-stop-wheel-repair-shop for our customers in Alvord, TX.