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Top-Rated Rim Repair in Decatur

Decatur, TX is a great little town with many types of residents from all walks of life. But no matter who you are, you need to take care of your vehicles. A town like Decatur deserves a wheel repair service that’ll keep any vehicle looking good and functioning safely. Kwicksilver’s expert technicians make our wheel repair Decatur services the best in town. Our state-of-the-art, modern methods and tools ensure you are getting the best possible wheel repair, no matter if you have a massive semi-truck or a subcompact car.

Our technicians will go the extra mile for you. Kwicksilvee’s rim repair Decatur service tackles cosmetic damage as well as straightens out your rims. Kwicksilver doesn’t settle for old repair equipment or outdated techniques. No matter the size, there are very few rims our technicians can’t fix-up. Kwicksilver can repair many types of materials from steel, aluminum, chrome, and more.

Expert Wheel Machining Decatur Residents Trust

Our patented straightening devices set us apart from other wheel repair services. We start by inspecting the severity of the bend and compare it to the original manufactures’ specs. After our inspection, we’ll work tirelessly to repair your wheels.

Nobody wants a dirty-looking vehicle. Whether you’re a business owner managing a fleet, or you simply drive around your personal car, Kwicksilver can make your rims look like new. We use proprietary paints, reconditioning tools, and a clear coat process to make sure your wheels don’t just work well but look great too. There are also many wheel polishing variations you can choose from, making the experience customizable for every customer.

We Also Offer Wheel Powder Coating and Wheel Straightening in Decatur

Every town gets some nasty potholes, and Decatur is no exception. Potholes and metal fatigue often cause small cracks in your wheel. Kwicksilver is happy to tackle this challenge with expert welders as a part of our team. If the crack is unsafe to weld, Kwicksilver will find you a replacement rim at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Kwicksilver is also proud to offer wheel machining with our top-quality wheel lathes. This machine will produce a new finish on your rim that’ll make your wheel look just as good or even better than how it looked right out of the factory.

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If you want your wheels to look colorful, try our wheel powder coating. Kwicksilver uses an electrostatic gun to apply a colorful powder material to your wheels. With our powder coating, your wheels can make a statement. There are many colors to choose from.

Kwicksilver offers so much more on top of these services. Our PVD chroming is an environmentally friendly way to chrome your wheels with two different finishes to choose from. Kwicksil ver is more than just a rim and wheel straightening service. We also sell wheel cleaner, so you can keep your wheels and tire looking fresh long after you leave the shop.

Our Decatur Texas wheel repair and polishing service provides state-of-the-art work for any job. Nobody knows wheel repair in Decatur quite as we do. Contact us for a quote today! Our customer service team will be happy to talk with you. We look forward to helping you with rim repair in Decatur!