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Every vehicle owner understands how important wheels play in the overall functionality of your car. As you drive on your wheels for prolonged periods of time, you will subject them to adverse road conditions which can lead to damage. Some of the damage your wheels incur will be purely aesthetic and others will be structural. It’s important to know the difference between the two because the safety of your vehicle depends on it. At Kwicksilver, our certified technicians are here to help you keep your vehicle in prime working order.

Top-Rated Frisco Wheel Repair and Rim Repair

At Kwicksilver, our team specializes in a wide range of wheel repair in Frisco designed to help vehicle owners of all types. Our technicians are equipped with industry-leading tools and equipment enabling them to deliver premium service results. We can handle virtually any wheel-related issue that you may be dealing with thanks to our years of experience.

If your rims have been dented due to rough roads, our rim repair service is just the solution you need. Prior to repairing your rim damage, our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your wheel using a hypersensitive measuring tool. This allows us to find the exact area where most of the severe bending has occurred, once complete we will begin the process of straightening your rim.

Wheel Machining Frisco Residents Trust

Using our very own patented wheel straightening process, we will be able to restore your damaged rim back to the manufacturer’s original specifications. There is no amount of rim damage too small or large for our team to handle, you also need to maintain the appearance of your rims. Damage such as curb rash, dings, scratches, and discoloration can ruin the appearance of your wheels.

Our wheel polishing in Frisco is designed to recondition the aesthetic quality of your rims almost instantly. We use a wide range of different proletary paint combinations and clearcoat processes to remove aesthetic damage from your rims. Every vehicle uses a different silver finishing chemical for their wheels, the variant in color will depend on the metallic concentration in the paint used to finish your wheels.

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We are the Wheel Polishing Frisco Experts!

All of our Frisco wheel polishing specialists are trained to tell the difference in polish type, that way you always get an exact match of your original wheel finish. If you want to add an element of personality to your vehicle, our wheel powder coating Frisco service is just what you’ve been looking for. By using an electrostatic gun, which infuses the powder coat with a positive electrical charge, we can coat your wheel with virtually any color you desire.

Our wheel machining process uses an advanced CNC wheel lathe that is capable of enhancing the original finish of your rim. Wheel machining is only for those wheels with existing machine finishes, we only offer this service in certain locations so your rims may have to be shipped.

We provide premium customization and superior customer service. At Kwicksilver, our team of experienced technicians will work with you to ensure our plans are to your exact specifications and will do whatever’s necessary to deliver the best results in Frisco.

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Kwicksilver is your full-service provider of wheel services in Frisco, TX. When it comes to providing you with wheel repair, wheel straightening, or wheel powder coating, Kwicksilver is the best in the business. Wheels are our specialty and we guarantee there isn’t anyone more qualified than our team of wheel specialists.

If you live in Frisco, TX and need assistance repairing or restoring your rims, give us a call or send us an email to receive a free service quote. Kwicksilver is here to help you! We can help with any of your wheel straightening or powder coating needs. Call Kwicksilver today! Wheel repair Frisco is our specialty and we can’t wait to help you!