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Attention Aurora, TX residents: does your steering vibrate when you drive? What about your seat? Does it feel like your vehicle is less responsive when you turn the wheel? Is your car emitting a loud thumping sound while on the road? If you are experiencing any of these, you probably have a bent rim. Our technicians at Kwicksilver are experienced in rim repair and wheel straightening. Our rim repair and wheel straightening service use a combination of a patent-pending rim straightening technique and rim straightening devices to determine the exact location and severity of the bend. Our rim repair and wheel straightening service will return your wheel to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our wheel repair service works on any car or truck rim including aluminum and chrome rims.

Expert Wheel Machining Aurora Residents Trust

Many of our Aurora-based customers add a wheel polishing service to their rim repair. Our wheel polishing service removes curb rash, scrapes, gouges, and discolorations from any damaged rim. Our technicians take special care to ensure that at the end of your wheel polishing service, your wheel matches the other undamaged wheels.

Don’t need a rim repair but want to customize your vehicle? Kwicksilver offers wheel powder coating services to Aurora residents. Our wheel powder coating service allows Aurora customers to customize their rims with any color or finish. We use a combination of positive electric charged powder and an electrostatic charge to complete your wheel powder coating service. Our wheel powder coating service leaves your rims with a sleek, durable, and long-lasting finish. We guarantee you’ll love your new rims. If you’re an Aurora resident, reach out today for a consultation and price quote. Here, at Kwicksilver all our services are performed with the customer in mind!

wheel powder coating Aurora

We Also Offer Wheel Powder Coating and Wheel Straightening in Aurora

We also offer a wheel machine finishing service that allows our Aurora customers to change the finish of their rims. The wheel machine finishing service cuts a fine layer of aluminum from the entire face of the rim and produces a new finish better than those produced in the factory. At Kwicksilver. Make your vehicle shine with a brand-new finish on your rims!

Meeting our neighbors in Aurora, TX is one of our favorite parts of our job. Aurora is a legendary western town and is home to “Ned” the alien. It is said that in 1987 a spaceship crashed in Aurora and the locals discovered a deceased alien among the wreckage. The Aurora locals buried the alien and erected a monument in his honor. Aurora sits between Rhome and Boyd, Texas, and has a population of over 1,400 people.

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At Kwicksilver we employ the best technicians around the Aurora, TX area. We are prepared to meet all your rim repair, wheel straightening, and rim customization needs. If you are experiencing any turbulence on the road or are just simply looking to customize your rims for the summer, remember us at Kwicksilver. We are the top-rated rim repair shop in Aurora, TX and we are happy to work with you on all of your rim repair and rim customization needs.