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Top-Rated Rim Repair in Boyd

Kwicksilver is proud to serve the town of Boyd, TX. Boyd has a sweet small-town charm with city centers not too far away, making it a perfect town for commuters. But traveling over any road or highway can be tough on your wheels over time. Kwicksilver offers exquisite rim repair, wheel polishing, and wheel straightening services as well as other services and products. Our customer care, modern technology, and attention to detail are truly unmatched. When it comes to your wheels, we never take the easy way out in our repairs, polishings, and coating. When you are in need of wheel repair Boyd services, then you should call us!

To get the best deal for our services, you can enroll in one of our wheel protection packages. With 3, 4, and 5-year programs to choose from, our protection packages cover all four wheels and allow for repairs. These packages cover aluminum and machined wheels, though chrome rims are not covered. With our packages, you can keep your wheels looking new and drive safely on the road. You may even up the value of your vehicle in the long run. Our protection packages can cover new or used vehicles, but your vehicle should be like-new when entering the program.

Expert Wheel Machining Boyd Residents Trust

While Boyd is full of small-town charm, no town is immune to potholes. Potholes and curves are no friend to your wheels. In fact, they can cause dents or small cracks in the rim of your wheel. A common sign your rim is cracked is excessive air loss in a single tire every few weeks. Some people with cracked rims even report difficulty handling their car. Kwicksilver knows how to repair these cracks with expert welders on our staff. Though, even experts can’t weld every cracked rim. Unfortunately, some cracked rims are unsafe to weld. If that’s the case, Kwicksilver will find a replacement rim at a fraction of its typical cost.

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We Also Offer Wheel Powder Coating and Wheel Straightening in Boyd

When significant damage happens, we work with precision to deliver the best possible rim straightening service available. We don’t just fix a dent and call it a day, either. We also offer cosmetic repairs and polishing, so your vehicle looks fantastic. Our cosmetic repair and polishing services will make your wheels shine like new. We also provide wheel powder coating in a variety of colors that’ll last on your rims.

Our wheel PVD chroming service is 100% eco-friendly and will give your rims a stunning chrome finish with a five-year warranty. Typical chroming services are hazardous and bad for the environment. Kwicksilver doesn’t work that way. Our eco-friendly and non-toxic chroming method is modern and effective. We offer a traditional and bright chrome finish (ice), or a darker one (black ice).

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Kwicksilver offers Boyd, TX, a modern and eco-friendly wheel repair Boyd service. From our affordable prices to our extensive array of services, Kwicksilver gets the job done every time. If you’re looking to purchase a protection package or just need to stop in for a single job, we’re available. Our expert team is a phone call away if you have any questions!